2–4 Players 30 Minutes Ages 12 & Up

Fleece the locals before rescue finds you.

Shipwrecked! You and some rival barons of industry have washed up on the remote island of Nah. With rescue still days away, you propose a small wager to pass the time: whoever can make the most dosh off the locals before rescue comes becomes the Tin Pot Tycoon of Nah.

The locals run markets where they trade dosh for bananas, seashells, and rubies. Use your business prowess to buy, sell, coerce, con, and more.

After all, doing anything to get ahead is just good business.
And you won’t be stuck here much longer anyway.

Rescue is homing in, but the con is on. Sure, it’s a little petty. But showing weakness? That’s bad business. A title is a title, even something as silly and ridiculous as Tin Pot Tycoon.

Yes! This place. It will become your island.
If they know what’s good for them.